April 2018

(Washington Office)



The 35th Washington State Japanese Speech & Skit Contest was held jointly by the Consulate General of Japan in Seattle, the Washington Association of Teachers of Japanese, and this office as part of the 43rd Seattle Cherry Blossom & Japanese Cultural Festival.


The skit division had 9 groups from 3 schools, totaling 41 participants and the speech division had 24 participants from 9 schools. In total there were 65 participants from 9 schools who demonstrated the outcome of their Japanese study.


The 1st place winner of the top speech division class (level 4) was awarded a round trip ticket to Japan and they will be visiting Hyogo Prefecture in July.


We feel that learning Japanese is the best way for people to appreciate and become fans of Japan. We hope to continue working with Japanese language education related institutions to hold the speech & skit contest. The contest provides a place for increasing student’s desire to study Japanese through seeing the outcome of the participants’ Japanese study being demonstrated.


○ Date  April 20th (Fri)

○ Place  Seattle Center