August 2018

(Group photo of the participants, with Professor Kataoka in the front center)


(Washington Office)


Along with the Washington Association of Teachers of Japanese (WATJ), our office hosts “Summer Institute”, a training course for teachers of the Japanese language.


The course is held every year during summer break to promote Japanese education and help build teaching skills. This year’s theme was “Curriculum Design and Development”.


They covered setting goals when developing curriculum, backward design, and core practices of the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), and learned about specific Japanese homework and classroom lesson development, creating communication activities, and feedback methods.


We asked that the lecture be given by Professor Hiroko Kataoka from California State University Long Beach, a Japanese language education professional well-known in the United States.


The participants included 17 Japanese language educators, who came from middle schools, high schools and colleges within Washington, as well as from colleges in California and Utah.


Takaoka-Sensei and Takemori-Sensei from Hyogo were also in attendance.


We were given comments of appreciation from the teachers who attended, such as “It was very practical and beneficial.”, “I want to use this right away in the next semester.”, and “We want you to continue holding this.”


○Date August 20th (Mon)~22nd (Wed)

○Place  Japanese Cultural Community Center of Washington (JCCCW)