What’s Ekiben??

Ekiben is a box lunch sold at train stations. Ekiben is said to have started in 1885 at Utsunomiya station as just some rice balls, but has evolved beyond a light meal. Producers are trying hard to make their Ekiben more special-, with each region having their own unique specialties. Many Ekiben can only be locally bought in a certain area.


  • AWAJIYA-Sukiyaki Lunchbox

Awajiya have been producing “Ekiben” for over 100 years. They are expanding their management.

They are from the busy port town of Kobe.

As longtime veterans of Ekiben, Awajiya has seen and adapted to the evolution of Ekiben.


・Kobe Sukiyaki Bento

Sukiyaki is a hot pot dish made from meat, tofu, long green onion, shirataki noodles, and other vegetables, simmered in a salty-sweet sauce.

This Ekiben recreates the taste of Sukiyaki with local procurement.