Rice Seasoning


Established in Kobe. Sawada Foods’ unique food products reflect Japanese culture, such as furikake made with various marine products. Squid and Kelp Furikake, Plum and Hijiki Furikake,

Mackerel and Kelp Furikake

Easy and awesome! Just sprinkle on rice! Squid and kelp furikake is a soft, fresh and famous furikake in Japan, having won the gold prize in the Nationwide Furikake Grand Prix.





  • TAJIMA GYOKYO-Flavored Nori


Tajima Gyokyo consists of four fishing ports located in the Tajima area of Hyogo Prefecture: Kasumi Port, Shibayama Port, Tsuiyama Port and Takeyama Port. Their main aim is comprehensive development of economic business and advanced development of fishing ground productivity. Fish and crabs are dropped into the store in a few minutes at Yuyukan, a directly operated fishery located on the same ground as the Seriba (auction market) at Kasumi Fishing Port.


First picked nori

They made the first picked dried seaweed from the Seto Island Sea using a traditional method of rough plowing and seasoned with fish sauce from the Sea of Japan. This seaweed combines the best fish from both the Sea of Japan and the Seto Island Sea. There are three flavors of fish sauce: Kasumi Crab, Sweet Shrimp, and Nodoguro.