• Oliver Sauce-Yakisoba Roll

Oliver Sauce

Oliver Sauce invented the “Tonkatsu Sauce” in 1948 in Kobe, Japan. Tonkatsu sauce has the perfect blend of spices in a thick sweet-and-sour
vinegar-based sauce and adds wonderful flavors to a very wide variety of foods and dishes. During the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, Oliver Sauce’s office building burnt down but they soon restarted their production and are now concentrating their efforts on overseas business activities cooperating with the Hyogo Business & Cultural Center.


Yakisoba Pan

Fried organic noodles with excellent sauce stuffed in a soft spongy hot dog bun. Yakisoba Pan is a popular lunch and snack you can find all over Japan. Miracle collaboration between Japanese and Portland’s local food companies: Oliver Sauce, Umi Organic, and Oyatsupan Bakers.




Spicy Doro Sauce

All-purpose sauce made with the precipitation part of Worcester sauce. Full of yummy extracts of vegetables, fruits and spices! Suitable for yakisoba and many other dishes.





  • HUGGLE SWEETS-Tamba Roll


HUGGLE SWEETS LLC is located in Hillsboro, Oregon founded by pastry chef Ayumi Kato Blystone from Hyogo in July, 2018. Their pastries are Japanese-American baked goods and desserts.  HUGGLE SWEETS’ pastries can be found at some farmers markets and Uwajimaya Beaverton. They also take custom catering orders such as wedding cakes, birthday cakes and petite desserts. 


These products are only for this fair!


・Tamba Matcha Roll

Matcha flavored roll cake with black soy-beans from Sasayama Hyogo. Sasayama city is very famous for its black soy-beans production.


・BEAVER-ton Cookie

A play on the city name, this cookie is shaped as a cute beaver.




・Kobe Cookie

The nice view of Kobe is painted on top. Port Tower is symbolizes Kobe port.