May 2018

Children having fun fishing for Koi-Nobori

(Children having fun fishing for Koi-Nobori)


(Washington Office)


The Hyogo Business & Cultural Center ran a booth at an event held at the Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington (JCCCW) to celebrate Children’s Day as well as increase familiarity with Japanese culture. Thanks to clear weather, more than 850 people and their children came and enjoyed experiencing Japanese culture.


Our office promoted Hyogo tourism by passing out pamphlets and use of a panel display. We also held a “Koi Nobori Fishing” activity. There was also a quiz in which participants would go on a scavenger hunt throughout the venue and write the name of the stuffed bird doll in our room (Habatan). Potentially as a result of that, a total of more than 300 people (just the number of kids) came to our booth. Together with the Consulate General of Japan in Seattle letting people try on samurai armor in the same room, the room would sometimes swell to capacity.


○Date May 6th (Sun)


○Place Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington (in Seattle)