• KENMIN FOODS-Yaki Be-fun


Kenmin Foods is known as the pioneer company that popularized rice noodles in Japan. With safety and security as their top priority, they carefully select materials and pay attention to the manufacturing process to create products.


Yaki Be-Fun

Japanese long-selling product since 1960. Since the noodles have been pre-flavored, you do not need to boil them. You can easily cook healthy dishes with plenty of “umami” in a frying pan or a microwave. You can store for a long time because this is non-fried noodle. In addition to being gluten-free, they have developed a seasoning that uses seafood-derived extracts instead of meat extracts, so it can be enjoyed by many people.






  • IBONOITO-Somen


Ibonoito is the registered trademark of The Hyogo Prefecture Tenobe Somen Association. Ibonoito Tenobe Somen thin noodles are painstakingly manufactured and hand-stretched by the most skilled culinary artists after being ripened several times through a traditional

manufacturing process passed down for over 600 years.






  • TOA FOODS-Ramen


Founded in 1950, Toa Foods is based out of Himeji City, a city known as one of Japan's leading dry noodle production areas. Toa Foods manufactures and sells all dry noodles such as Banshu Somen, half-boiled Chinese noodles, and handmade udon. There are many products that have been certified by the Japan Asia Halal Association so that Islamic customers can enjoy the noodles with peace of mind.


Soy sauce ramen noodles

Gluten-free noodles that do not use wheat-derived ingredients. The noodles are made with 100% domestic rice flour, so you can enjoy with confidence. Soup is gluten free, and does not contain alcohol or animal-based ingredients. The deep soy sauce is added to the flavor of garlic, sesame oil, and vegetables to create a fragrant soup.