Hyogo Sake
  • HAKUTSURU-Nishiki



Hakutsuru has cultivated and refined their traditions and techniques for over 260 years. They don’t forget to keep challenging with their passion and cutting-edge technology. They make much account of quality and safety. And most of all, they are trying to make customers smile with their Sake in all sincerity.



Yamada Nishiki is called the 'King of Sakamai*' and is the one most favored rice for making sake with. After many years of research, Hakutsuru succeeded in developing a new sakamai which probably surpasses Yamada nishiki in 2006. They named it “Hakutsuru Nishiki”.

Its sake is rich in flavor.

*Sakamai means rice for making sake.


















In 1921, the Honda family started their sake business in earnest. Their core principle is that only the best rice can make the best sake. They use only the first-class of Yamada Nishiki (“Yamada Nishiki is called the ‘King of Sakamai’ and is the one most favored). They work hard to convey the appeal of Yamada Nishiki.


This is the first time for their products to come to State of Oregon!




It is made by traditional method handed down from over 200 years ago. The flavor is dry and rich.  You can enjoy its taste more if you warm up it.