• MARUYANAGI-Steamed Bean Snack


Established in 1951 in Kobe. Main products are tsukudani*, cooked beans, and pre-cooked food.
*Tsukudani is food boiled down in sweetened soy sauce.

Steamed Bean Snack

Healthy, rich, and convenient! Good for any time and anywhere, including breaks at work, before and after exercise.  Steamed Bean Snack also makes a delicious addition to any soup or salad.










  • UEGAKI BEIKA-Rice Crackers

Uegaki Beika

Uegaki Beika has been making natural and human-body-friendly snacks with a big emphasis
on using organic ingredients. Japanese rice crackers have grown in
popularity all around the globe, including America, Canada, and Australia.

Uguisu Balls

Great and addictive! Long-time selling small rice-wheat balls. Named after its unique and lovely shape which looks like a plum flower.



Yuki (Japanese Organic) Rice Crackers

Japanese classic crackers with natural and traditional taste. Made with 100% organic Japanese rice! Try these crackers as snacks with tea or coffee, or as your healthy and great breakfast!









  • ARIMA HOKODO-Kinako Covered Soy Bean

It will be 100years since the establishment of Arima in 2021.

Their motto is “Treasure Mame”. Mame means “bean” in English can also meant to be serious and sincere. Arima Hokodo works hard to making a comfortable workplace and community.




Roasted soybeans with plenty of soybean flour.

Soybeans have rich nutrition to support you.




An almond is wrapped with caramel sauce.

The delicate sweetness and savory smell will make you hungry for more.